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Animal Shepherd is a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to the principle that every life is precious. We are commited to fight for every animal who needs help. Animal Shepherd was started so that we could help kittens, cats, dogs and other farm animals with "challenges" or that have been abandoned or neglected. Animals that otherwise don't have a chance. Today we are a farm sanctuary, pet hotel & resort, dog training school, hospice pet-therapy and eco-friendly camping built all in one.

We care for the community’s lost, homeless, stray, injured, sick, abused, neglected and abandoned animals. We rescue street animals every day, and provide them with a no-cage sanctuary, so they can live the rest of their lives in a safe, happy and loving environment free from any threat of danger.

We also provide animal welfare education, having developed numerous lifesaving programs and services including those dedicated to adoption, rehabilitation, permaculture, veganism, animal rights and education.

Our Sanctuary consists of 3 main buildings and over a dozen smaller ones, as well as two courtyards. Our main buildings have enclosed decks which provide indoor cats access to fresh air and sunshine. New arrivals live in 6-ft high, walk-in cages until they have adjusted to their new environment.

Visitors to our shelter have called it “cat paradise”, “heaven for cat lovers.” It’s a great place to escape the stresses of city life and to meet like-minded animal lovers.

We save the lives of more than 400 homeless animals each year and care for about 60 dogs and 40 cats daily apart from other farm animals.


Animal Shepherd is dedicated to promoting humane care of animals through education and a humane, proactive animal services program. We are committed to preventing the suffering of animals and to ending pet overpopulation in the cities we serve.

Animal Shepherd offers animals for adoption and provides animal-related services to cities in The United States and Mexico. Feel free to contact us to know more about our work.

We Provide

• farm sanctuary

• animal shelter

• pet hotel & resort

• eco camping

• adoption services

• animal training

• veterinary care

• permaculture workshops

• spay/neuter programs

• pet-friendly hotel

• camping

• vegan food

• palliative care and cat-assisted therapy

• hospice pet therapy

• dog training camps

• personal protection dogs

• 24-hour response to animal emergencies and public safety incidents involving animals

• education and enforcement of the community’s responsible pet ownership laws

• help to neighborhoods to resolve animal nuisance disputes

• lost and found services

• private consultations

• trail Walking

• environmental consulting

• recycled Wood furniture

• co-working space

• design-thinking workshops

We are Responsible for investigating cases of:

• animal abuse and neglect

• animal bites & potentially dangerous dogs

• Ferals - Semi-ferals - Wild - Old

• Sick - Injured - Handicapped

• Deathrow



Animal Shepherd rescues cats, dogs and other animals that have no place else to go, including cats and dogs that have been victims of hoarding situations, shot at, targeted by gangs for use as bait in dog fighting rings, blind cats, cats with FIV, and cats of abusive and neglectful owners. Over 40 cats and 60 dogs reside at the sanctuary, which is composed of indoor and outdoor shelters and areas to roam, scratch, lounge, and climb. All cats and dogs are neutered, have access to vet care, and are regularly brushed and given lots of love and attention. Dogs, cats and kittens are available for adoption.


"Creating Compassion Through Rescue, Education and Service"


Animal Shepherd operates independently near the city of mexico and we are one of Mexico’s largest farm sanctuaries. We are proud to be a no-kill humane organization, which is among the reasons we have built a strong and devoted community of animal-loving allies.

Our No-Kill Philosophy

Animal Shepherd is committed to operating as no-kill shelters. Our philosophy is that no animal will be euthanized unless it is absolutely unavoidable, meaning that the animal is severely injured or is suffering in great pain, with little or no hope of recovery despite treatment. We will never euthanize an animal in our care simply because it is old, requires expensive medical care, is poorly trained or badly behaved, is less adoptable than other animals in our care or because of insufficient space in our facilities. We believe that every life is precious and that every animal, not only the young, the healthy, the attractive and the docile, deserves a chance to be safe, healthy and loved.


In the five years since Animal Shepherd began we have rescued and fostered over 1.000 animals. We are an all volunteer non-profit that operates on our own resources and some donations and receives no state or federal funding. Every dollar given goes directly to the animals providing them medical care, food and shelter. Join our Sanctuary team by volunteering and together we can help more animals.


Interested in adopting a dog, a cat or a pair of kitties? We'd love to talk to you!

About Adopting.

We are committed to helping you find the right dog, cat or kitten for your family situation. You can download our application and contract here on the website. We have all our dogs, cats and kittens listed with a little biography of each, as well as many photos and a video of each. Feel free to call and ask questions about any of our cats. We would love to meet you at any of our adoption events or perhaps arrange a visit with the foster family.

Our adoption fee is:

$150 for a cat or kitten.

$200 for a pair.

$250 for a dog or puppy

* This fee may change depending on the special care some animals may require

This fee helps us to pay for testing (FIV/Leukemia), vaccines, parasite treatment, spay/ neuter & microchipping, as well as anything else the cats might need while in our care. Seniors may need blood work or dental care.

For Adoption Information please write us at



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If you are interested in the things we do and want to know more, you are just a click away. We are always open to new ideas, sharing and listening to feedback; so, feel free to send us a message. Have a nice day!

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Photographs: Lourdes Lozano

Developed by: Alfredo Ramírez Z
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